Self-Driving compactors

Mobile waste compactors can be made driving out from the location, when the cellar ceiling is low or door is too narrow for the waste truck.

Self-driving waste compactors are the solution between full size portable compactor and standard wheelie bins. Driving compactors can be used wherever there are medium size volumes of waste or recyclable raw materials to be handled in tight circumstances.

Our driving compactor is equipped with a battery set so it can drive for 10-15 minutes using battery resource. Driving is controlled from a remote control box. Remote control box can be with or without cable.


Engineering in 3D

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Production result

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Net volume of the driving compactors is 4,5 m³ and it takes up to 2 tonnes of waste. Container is fully watertight so it can take also partially wet waste. Radial ram cylinders are covered so there is no need to clean the cylinder room.

Bdriving hulk2ack door covering the container is moving hydraulically so it is easy to open it before emptying the contents of the driving compactor into the waste collector truck.

You can have the driving compactor loaded manually or through a chute connection from a pipe system.

You can choose emptying standard to the compactor and your preferred set of extras, your colour.

Front rubber wheels are installed on the manoeuvring axle and can be turned to direct the destination of the driving compactor. IMG_0086_2Back rubber wheels are moving and turning along as the compactor is driving.

Compactor is put in motion by electrical motor. Special battery charger ensures that batteries are ready for driving. Therefore the compactor must be connected to electricity supply when standing and disconnected before driving. Driving distance depends on the conditions of the driving surface, load of the compactor and incline of the road.

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Advantages of self-driving compactor

  • Has own compaction unit.
  • Can take more waste than standard wheelie bins.
  • Can be placed in low ceilinged waste rooms.
  • Has own compaction unit.
  • Custom-made loading either manually or through chute.
  • Hydraulically-controlled emptying lid opening and closing.
  • Watertight build.
  • Lids and doors with full rubber gasket.
  • Extra-quiet hydraulic setup.
  • Possible to connect with weighing system.
  • 100% full indicator and/or adjustable 75-80% full indicator.
  • Photocell or ultrasound sensor to start compacting process when charge box is full.
  • Working hours counter.
  • Colour coating of your choice
  • Many types of paint available, for example paint suitable in salty air and maritime climate.

How to empty the driving compactor?